Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Well, 2008 is history and as I look back over the past months I am pleasantly surprised that I'm still blogging. My original goal for I'm Running to Eat! has gone by the wayside this year. The blog was supposed to be a way to motivate myself to prepare healthier meals for my family as well as track my fitness goals and chronicle my journey to running a full marathon. Plans changed this year and while I think I did really well on preparing home-cooked meals instead of eating out, the "healthy" part slipped from the forefront and the running ended up to be non-existent by the end of 2008.

January always means New Year's Resolution's and this year is no exception.

  • In 2009, I'm Running to Eat! is going to be filled with more healthy family-fare. I'm going to be trying at least one new vegetable recipe each week while trying to convince my picky offspring that veggies can be tasty even if they are good for you. ;-)
  • We're going to be more social this year ... even if it kills us! ;-) We'll be having a dinner party each month with a group of friends. Every third month the party will be at our house, motivating me to try new recipes, get creative with decorations ... and keep my house clean! I'm going to plan more play dates for DD and encourage the older kids to have more friends over. DH and I will go out on a date at least once a month. And we're going to try to do something with other friends at least once a month.
  • Running and fitness are going to become a higher priority. DH and I are beginning a training program for our Half Marathon in May. All those extra pounds we accumulated in 2008 are gonna be out of here!
  • And I'm going to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I'm going to be learning how to take better pictures with our new camera and all the neat photo equipment DH has gotten lately.
Looking back on the past year has been interesting. I just realized that I've stuck with this blogging thing for over a year now. Yep. I totally missed my blogging birthday. LOL! Apparently I started blogging back in September of 2007 though it was in 2008 that I started posting on a semi-regular basis. ;-) And in that time I've posting 260 (or so) times.


Happy 2009 to all of you. Hope you all have a great year!

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Happy Belated Blog Birthday!