Monday, June 30, 2008

Garden Veggies

Our area has been hard hit by the flooding recently and it seems like things can't dry out because it just won't stop raining. It doesn't seem like it's almost July. It's more like spring with all the rain and not particularly hot temperatures. (The lake is still icy cold and I haven't been brave enough to get in, even though the kids have.) Good news: Summer is here! And it's finally starting to feel like it. Heat indexes in the mid-90's last week. Temps reaching into the 90's later this week. And hopefully, a little less rain. But while I've been complaining about the weather, my garden has been enjoying it. I thought I'd share some pictures of how my garden has been progressing. I really don't have much of a green thumb at all. In fact, it'll be a small miracle if I'm able to harvest much this year!

The cherry tomatoes are looking a little ragged. Not sure if they are too water logged with all the rain or what, but at least they are producing. And they taste delicious! Hopefully the hot, sunny days forecast for the next week or so will help them out.

The regular tomatoes are looking good as well. It won't be long before I'll have some juicy, homegrown tomatoes to throw on the hamburgers! Once the other tomato plants catch up, I see some Fried Green Tomatoes in my future. A rare treat I haven't had in years. I can't wait! I've planted two in large containers near the house and two small plants back in the garden (where they often languish because I forget to carry enough water out there.) I'm looking forward to making lots of tomato recipes this summer that will taste sooo good with those homegrown tomatoes. Mmm!

The zucchini plants are starting to blossom! I can't wait til the plants start to produce. I hate paying for zucchini at the grocery store when I know in a few more weeks I'll have more than enough out in the garden! Since one of my new favorite side dish is Kate's Zucchini Rounds, I shouldn't have a problem using up all that surplus squash!

The eggplant is holding it's own, not looking all that great but still alive and the I think that the Habanero Peppers are on their last legs. Hopefully a little sunny weather will bring them back. The Jalapenos are lookin pretty good, but appaently not verry photogenic. (I didn't get a good shot.) Each plant has lots of blossoms and several tiny peppers already. I see salsa in my future!


Lynne J. said...

Hey Teresa! *waving*

Girl, your tomatoes look lovely! Homegrown are always the best. Wish I had some. And you have zucchini, eggplant and peppers, too! Okay, now I'm jealous. I live in a flat with a small balcony, so the only veggies I get come from the market. I would love to have zucchini with the flowers still attached so that I can find out what those types of recipes taste like. Perhaps I can try container plants.

Oh, and I love fried green tomatoes; there's nothing like 'em. I haven't had them in years either. Actually, I had forgotten all about them. Thanks for the reminder.

I am so surprised to see that you have my Egg Foo Yong recipe on your weekly menu. Thank you for that. I sure hope you enjoy it. It's only a guide, really, because I sometimes throw in different ingredients depending on what I have on hand at the time.

I've subscribed to your site and want to thank you for subscribing to mine. Looking forward to your next post. Now I'm gonna snoop around your site and check out some of your recipes.

Be back soon.

Lynne J.

Bexadler said...

The pictures look amazing so I can only guess how fab those veggies must look in real life. I've been picking tomatoes here for about two weeks now and I still have more coming. I've also got my first squash plant this year and I'm not really sure how or when to harvest them. But they're growing. That's a plus, right?

Best of luck with the rest of the season!