Thursday, June 12, 2008

Computer woes continue ... least for a little while longer. Hopefully when I get home from the library (with their wonderful high speed internet!) I'll have some good news about a new internet service provider. There is a new line-of-sight service available in our area. The guy was there to see if we qualified when I left. Hopefully dh will tell me all is well and already connected! This has been the most annoying couple of weeks having to drive 10 miles into town (while paying $4 per gallon of gas!) to use the internet. Can you say "I hate Wild Blue?" Grrrr!

I do have some more recipes lined up if I can't get online. (Tomorrow's Broccoli Soup recipe is delicious! I'm making another batch for lunch today.) Hopefully I'll be able to get online at home soon and update my runs and write up some new recipes we've tried lately! If not, I picked up some more garden plants to fill in where there were some empty spaces. I got two more heirloom tomato plants, some Thai basil and some cilantro that I need to get into the ground.

Then I suppose I could figure out what's for dinner and actually do some cooking!

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