Friday, May 16, 2008

Can nachos help you lose weight? I didn't think so ...

Do you think that the reason I'm gaining weight while on hiatus from running has anything to do with the fact that I eat things like this for dinner? ::sigh:: Oh well. I suppose it would be a lot easier not to gain weight if I ate like a non-runner as opposed to eating like someone who is training for a marathon but isn't really running. ;-)

I'm headed back to SparkPeople to help me re-lose the weight. SparkPeople is a great free site to help you reach your weight loss and exercise goals. They have a great program for journaling what you eat and tracking your daily calories. There is also a section for tracking your exercises and the number of calories burned, It's a great program and really user-friendly. If you decide to check it out, tell 'em tbarton sent you. :-)

A couple more days until my new training program kicks off on Sunday. Hopefully all injuries are healed and I can take it slow and easy to get back into shape. Last time I felt fitter than I was and I overdid it. This time I feel like a slug so I don't think overdoing it is gonna be a problem. ;-) Dh is psyched and ready to start over with me. We've picked a fall HM to sign up for, the weather is cooperating and we've both reached the point where we can't stand it any more and we must lose some weight (or go buy new wardrobes!) so all signs are pointing to a successfully re-starting our running program.

I just have to keep telling myself that "Slow and Steady wins the Race." That, and quit eating all that junk!

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