Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy New (School) Year!

The weather is cooling down. The kids are back in school and mom is blogging again! Woohoo!

I've been cooking and even taking a few pictures but just needed a break for awhile. Now that fall is here I am excited to get back to both cooking healthy food and doing a little running as well.

I've decided to make a few New (School) Year Resolutions. To me, the school year is a more logical time for resolutions. The season is changing. Your daily routine is changing. And when your resolution involves lots of running, the weather is generally much more cooperative! My resolutions for this year are:

1. Spend more time on Breakfasts. Instead of cold cereal every day, I'm going to experiment with other breakfast ideas that are quick, yummy and filling to send hubby and the kids on their way every day.

2. Get back to running on a schedule and sign up for a race so that I have motivation to train. Any suggestions on a good race to shoot for?

3. Add more fruits and vegetables to our diet.

4. Cut back on the amount of eating out we do. This summer was crazy and with all four kids heading in four directions every day, we hit drive-thru's way too often. Gonna get back into cooking every night.

5. Cut down on School Lunches by coming up with inexpensive yet healthy and tasty lunch box ideas.

6. Spend more time having fun with the family ... whether they like it or not! Now that I have two teens and a twenty-something, mom and dad may not be their first choice of people to hang out with. TOUGH! ;-)

Experiment with making a variety of bread with the end goal of not buying bread anymore.

I'm gonna go run, but I'll be back soon with all sorts of delicious new recipes.

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