Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ten in 2010: Week Five

So far this year I've done well on my organizing goals. Cleaning and re-organizing the kitchen and the utility room so far. Huge loads of stuff have left the house, bound for either the landfill or Goodwill. I bought new shelving units for the utility room this week and now it's almost a joy to have to go in there. Everything is at your fingertips. Nothing is stacked on top of anything. If you need something, it's easy to locate and more importantly, easy to replace. My goal today is to finish up the utility room and begin on the pantry. We'll see how that goes. ::wink, wink::

I've even done fairly well on the cooking front despite the fact that the kitchen table has been covered in utility room stuff for most of the week. We may have had to eat in the living room but at least we were eating food I made and not take out.

Blogging ran into some trouble this week with unexpected computer troubles. Fortunately I'll be getting a new computer this week and ... the big news ... our new line-of-sight satellite internet was installed yesterday. No more getting FAPped. (See ya Wild Blue!) Way faster service so now I can check out twice as many blogs is the same amount of time! Woohoo!

Exercise ... well, not so much. I am still thinking about it though. And I did run a time or two this week. I just wish I could get back into the groove. I remember a couple of years ago, in the midst of my running addiction when I got my run in every day no matter what. Invited out to dinner? I'd rather run. Gotta go out of town? I'd get up and run at 5 am. ::sigh:: Just not to that point yet, I guess. Hopefully I will get there (and soon!)

If you want to see how everyone else is doing halfway through the Ten in 2010 Challenge head over to RecipeGirl and check it out. It's not too late if you want to join in!

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