Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fish Tacos with Quick Slaw, Avocado Sauce and Green Rice

I caught the recipe for Fish Tacos with Quick Slaw, Avocado Sauce and Green Rice on The Rachael Ray Show as I was headed to the grocery the other day. I had planned something else for dinner but fish tacos sounded good so I picked up the ingredients I needed and made them for dinner. We'd had fish tacos before and even dh, the fish-phobic, enjoyed them.

The finished fish looked great. Nicely colored and perfectly flaky. The slaw provided some texture and contrast. The color of the avocado sauce blended perfectly with the side of green rice.

To sum up the meal in one word ... Blech!

The rice was easy to make but totally lacking in flavor. Despite adding 1/2 cup of cilantro I couldn't really taste it. The spinach added plenty of color but little in the way of flavor. I used two jalapenos and even that didn't add much zing.

The tacos were also pretty flavorless and we didn't care for the slaw at all. For all the chopping, slicing and dicing, this one is one we definitely felt wasn't worth the effort. I took two bites of the rice and couldn't stomach any more. Dh took one. Dh did finish one taco but after two bites, I was done.

If you want to try the recipe, you can find it here. But if you are in the mood for seafood with southwestern flair, these crab quesadillas from Kevin at Closet Cooking are much tastier (and a lot less complicated to prepare.) If you prefer shrimp, Kevin also has a great recipe for Shrimp Quesadillas.


Ben said...

Those pictures look delicious. I need those recipes. Thanks for the links :)

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh wow...I made fish tacos too:


Teresa said...


I should have stuck with your Fish Tacos ... something I *know* would have been good! said...

I have two recipes sitting on my desk for fish tacos. My girlfriend, Kim, said both are good.

You've sent me over the edge to finally try them. I've never eaten a good fish taco, so we'll see.

I trust Kim when she says "it's good."
Thank you for inspiring me.