Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jake's OMG Meal: Grilled Chicken and Mac 'n Cheese

I guess that sometimes I get carried away with trying new recipes or different spice mixtures and forget that simple (and familiar) can be good too. We'd had a busy day and I didn't have time to be creative so rather than use the chicken for the recipe I'd purchased it for I just seasoned it with a little McCormick's Montreal Chicken Grill Seasoning and threw it on the grill and whipped up a simple macaroni and cheese and some fresh tomato slices to go on the side. Quick easy and my ds's Favorite. Meal. Ever. As he carried his plate to the sink, he said "I don't think Rachael Ray could make it as good." (Accompanied by a cheesy smile, of course.) When I suggested that maybe he just wanted to make it into my blog since Lily's OMG Pasta made it in, he just grinned and ducked his head. Since I'm not one to turn down a compliment, here ya go son ... Jake's OMG Meal has officially made the blog.


Darius T. Williams said...

Sometime the simple stuff is the best...that montreal seasoning, how was it? I see those all the time, I just never buy them.


Teresa said...

I love the Montreal seasonings. I'd never tried them but Rachael Ray (I think) always mentioned them on her show. One day there were a bunch of the McCormick's brand Montreal Seasoning on the sale table at our local grocery store for half price so I grabbed one. I usually whip up my own spice mixes but this stuff is great. We use on steak and chicken and in other dishes as well.