Friday, July 4, 2008

Egg Foo Yong

I was intrigued. I'd heard of Egg Foo Yong, of course. But I'd never had it. When I saw this post from Lynne over at diva:flava, I just had to try it. Her amazing pictures had my mouth watering. And the twist ... an Egg Foo Yong sandwich? Who's ever heard of such a thing? (Apparently everyone who lives in St. Louis!) How could I not try it?

Dh was very happy that I did. Dinner went together quickly since I had all the ingredients in the pantry. The hardest part was being able to make a good "pancake" that didn't fall apart when I flipped it. Since dh wasn't in the mood to wait for perfection, his first sandwich pretty much resembled a scrambled egg sandwich but the taste was divine. I finally did master it, but by that
time I was too hungry to take a picture! Just takes a little practice. I loved my sandwich with fresh tomato and mayo but it was equally delicious minus the bread with a splash of soy sauce. An added bonus, even picky dd tried it and liked it! We'll be trying this one again real soon. Thanks Lynne!

Egg Foo Yong for the St. Paul Sandwich

Recipe courtesy of Lynne at flava:diva

8 large eggs
4 tablespoons canola oil
2 tablespoons fresh garlic -- minced
2 tablespoons fresh ginger root -- minced
4 large scallions (green onions) -- chopped, about 1 cup
1 medium sweet onion -- chopped, about 1 cup
2 cups bean sprouts
2 cups button mushrooms -- thinly sliced
2 large red jalapenos -- chopped, about 1
cup -OR-
1 cup red bell pepper -- chopped
2 tablespoons soy sauce -- reduced sodium
1/2 teaspoon black pepper (or to taste)
1 8 oz -can water chestnuts, chopped

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a nonstick pan over medium high heat and sauté scallions, onions, mushrooms, peppers, bean sprouts, ginger and water chestnuts until softened, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook another minute. Do not allow garlic to burn, it will become bitter. Set aside to cool.

In a medium bowl, beat eggs with soy sauce and black pepper, add vegetable mixture and stir until all ingredients are fully incorporated. Add remaining tablespoon of oil to non-stick pan over medium heat, ladle 1/6 of egg mixture into pancake-like shape, cook until golden brown, approx. 2 minutes on each side. Continue making 5 more patties, one at a time, with remaining mixture.

Serve on bread or bun of your choice, with whatever you prefer.

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Lynne J. said...

Hey Teresa! *waving*

Girl, I am so surprised! Thanks for trying my recipe. I had no idea. I'm so glad you and your family enjoyed it.

Don't feel like The Lone Ranger trying to make a perfect circle patty; I had my share of issues with that, too. I had planned on using my tin rings so that the patties would not only be more circular, but also thicker like they are in the restaurants, but I couldn't find them.

Oh, and thanks for linking me. I've got you covered!