Monday, May 26, 2008

Computer still on the fritz ...

so I've been spending my time working in the garden. Last week I worked on my container garden around my back porch. I always try to plant a few things that I use often near the door so I can get what I need quickly. This year I planted some jalapeno peppers as well as a few tomato plants, both full-sized and cherry tomatoes. I've got pots of herbs: oregano, peppermint, Italian parsley, dill, and a variet of basils, all close at hand in case I want to whip up a quick salsa or add fresh herbs to dinner. Today I'm going to plant some cilantro, though in the past I've never been able to get it to grow well. I either water it too much (or not enough!) I love cilantro and use it all the time so hopefully this year it will work out. Then I'll move to my garden beds where I'll be planting eggplant (for the first time!), zucchini, more tomatoes and a variety of peppers.

I'll be cooking a lot too! With my forced time off from the computer, I've started actually preparing some of those recipes I've been saving! So far, so good. I've made lots of great dishes and even managed to get in a fair bit of running!

I'll be back as soon as I can!

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