Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Calling all Great Cooks!

Visit Great Cooks Community

While checking out one of my favorite food blogs -- Simple Daily Recipes, I discovered the Great Cooks Blogroll. It's a great group of cooks with some really outstanding blogs. And even better, now there is a Great Cooks Community, a social network for food bloggers as well as food lovers. There are great recipes, great conversations and lots of delicious-looking photographs. Want to know how to take great pictures of your food? Or how to make an awesome black bean burrito? Want to start your own blog? Or do you just want to know what other people keep in their refrigerators? Well, the Great Cooks community is for you! Take a few minutes and check out the Great Cooks Blogroll and the Great Cooks Community.

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I'm thrilled you joined the community. Blogging is great, but sometimes I want to talk to my readers about other food related topics that don't match my blog, such as herb gardening and food photography.
Great Cooks Community makes that possible.

Like you, I'm really diggin' all the cool, mature folks that hang out there. Published authors, professional chefs, chefs in training, cheese makers, food photographers, the Italian Food Network, folks learning to cook or those that just love to eat (that's me).

Best of all, REAL PEOPLE, very cool, laid back, funny! We're all just hangin' out talking. It's like we're all sitting around the dinner table, having some laughs and building each other up.