Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pantry Parade

I'm feeling a bit better, though I still get short of breath if I try to walk too much. Still no running so since I can't obsess over that at the moment, I thought I'd obsess over my horrendously disorganized kitchen. Dh and I have been sick for over a month now. The doctor was very reassuring -- told me it could possibly last 8 weeks! Yikes!

I think I must be getting better though. Finally I just can't take the mess any more. Before that, I felt too lousy to really notice the mess. LOL! Being sick I didn't do a lot of cooking so the kids were on their own and though they did manage to eat, they didn't always manage to put things back where they belonged. Grocery runs wore me out so much that I wasn't always very careful about putting the groceries away. As a result ... well, you can see for your self. It's getting to the point where the stuff on the floor is keeping the door from shutting so I have to do *something*. I'm not a naturally organized person but I generally try to keep like things together. All the pastas in once area and the canned tomatoes in another. I also usually try to keep things handy. Stuff the kids are allowed to get for themselves down on the lower shelves, stuff I don't use as much on higher, out-of-the-way spaces.

Check back tomorrow and see what happens! Will the pantry get cleaned or will the table be piled high with pantry staples, while the pantry stays empty and I head back to bed? Will it be another pizza night because you won't be able to get into the kitchen? Only time will tell! ;-)

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