Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One of my New Favorite Toys!

The other day, I had to break down and do my motherly duty ... and go shopping! Both of my sons and my youngest daughter are on the wrestling squad this year and *finally* we have a school fund raiser I can get behind -- raise money for the wrestling team by shopping at Elder-Beerman! Twice a year Elder-Beerman offers non-profit organizations a chance to raise money by selling coupon books. The team sold the coupon booklets for $5 and each booklet contained a $10 off of a $10 purchase coupon and several 20% off coupons. The entire $5 stayed with the non-profit organization. In my normal slacker-mom style, I paid for all five booklets, fully intending to pawn them off on unsuspecting relatives. ;-) Well, I never quite got around to it so when the big shopping day rolled around, it was my duty to go out there and shop, shop, shop ... for a good cause, of course. LOL! I got several great bargains, including a pair of shorts for my daughter that ended up costing only .85!

My favorite purchase was this OXO 2-cup Angled Measuring cup. It's awesome. No more craning your neck to measure liquids. You can see how much there is from above. It has the great OXO handle and I'm not sure how I got along before without it.

So what's your favorite kitchen gadget?

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running42k said...

You have a right to be stroked about the measuring cup. It looks cool.

My favorite gadget, more utensil really, is my professional knife. It slices through veggies no problem.

Plus there is something so relaxing about mincing garlic and dicing onions.