Friday, February 22, 2008

What shall we eat?

Being sick this week pretty much changed all my plans. Grocery runs were more for Kleenex and Nyquil than for real food. And my appetite and my motivation were pretty much non-existent. Hopefully I'm getting better. (I am. I really am. Aren't I?) So I'm making a plan for the next several days. Of course since we are in the middle of an ice storm and pretty much stuck at home, I have to use what I have here in the pantry or hiding in my horribly disorganized and overcrowded freezer.

Am I up to the challenge?

Do I have a choice?

Friday --

Saturday -- Lunch: Chicken Tortilla Soup with Chipotle and Fire Roasted Tomato
Cheese Quesadillas

Dinner: Something with Chicken (Any suggestions?)

Sunday -- Lunch: Myron's Amazing Beef Sandwiches

Dinner: South Beach Jambalaya

Monday -- Pizza

Tuesday -- Mushroom Lover's Fritatta with Spinach and Cheese

Wednesday -- Pasta

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