Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lily Wins Again!

As I was finally blogging about Lily's new favorite pasta this morning, she came into the room and started reading over my shoulder. (Pretty cool, since she's only in kindergarten. ::proud mommy moment:: After she approved the earlier post, she asked if we could have it for dinner again tonight and I told her we'd see. When dinner time rolled around and I found myself with no particular plan and with 35 minutes to feed six people and get three children dressed and ready to go to Jacob's game, Lily wins again! Creamy Penne Pasta and Chicken saved the day. (Thanks to Jill from Simple Daily Recipes!) A bag of salad and a loaf of bread and we were out the door with time to spare.

The pasta took about 10 minutes to cook and the sauce was ready and waiting for it. You just have to love a recipe like that. To speed things up even more, I used a bag of Tyson Diced Chicken Breasts. It's pre-cooked and already diced. I try to keep a bag or two in the fridge for those nights when we're rushed. They are great to throw in a pot of soup or add to a big pot of gumbo. These days I use Barilla Plus Pasta to add a little extra fiber and nutrition to our diet. One cup of cooked pasta has 17 g of protein, 360 mg of omega-3's and 7 g of fiber. I love it and the kids haven't even noticed the difference.

I think this is turning out to be one of my favorite recipes.

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